Hello, welcome to Yasha Art.
I am Yasha, the woman behind Yasha Art.
I love colorful designs originating from daily life things that I put into another context.
They are printed onto a high quality organic cotton to preserve the brilliance of the colors and then sewn by hand on premium organic cotton T-shirts.
So they can shine in harmony with nature and health..
You are an unique person. So give yourself the luxury to wear something precious that feels fantastic on your skin and makes you feel good about yourself.
I showed my collection for the first time at the Fair Fashion Festival in Groningen
on the 27th May 2018 with very positive resonance.


In March 2019 I showed my new collection at the Kunst- und Designmarkt
in Linz in Austria. 
The Kunst- und Designmarkt is a very popular consumer market in Austria and Southern Germany.
It attracts many people in Linz, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Vienna, Graz, Munich, Stuttgart and Passau.
I am happy to show you my designs.