Yasha Art


The universe of the „ordinary things“ in life


Hello, I am Yasha. I am creating digital art designs since 2016.

I started to learn this technique basically from scratch and got more and more exited about all the possibilities and endless variations I can create with this tool.

The ideas come in normal day to day situations and the images are created from day to day objects.

Often we perceive reality as boring and overlook the hidden beauty of the profane things that surround us.

But these profane things are in my focus. They become the stars of my artwork. Be it a table a chair or the stables on the desk, an ashtray or a wired looking cable. Anything can catch my attention and can be turned into a vivid artwork.

I believe they all have a soul and I can make this spirit visible.

I want to inspire everyone to take a second look into all the objects which surround us and that we often take for granted.


Have a look at my different showrooms. 

You are an unique person. So give yourself the luxury to enrich your life with some pieces of art.


Enjoy yourself with your piece of Yasha Art


If you like to see more of my work please feel free to join me on Facebook or Instagram or visit my store on Bags of Love.