Fair fashion Art to wear

my new handcrafted design collection is now available for you. 
All the designs were done and selected with great care and love before they were printed
on a high quality organic Poplin fabric. 
The fabric is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard ) certified and has a natural white color as a basis
so that my pictures can shine.
The shirts are from Stanley and Stella and have wonderful matching colors. They are made of

high quality organic cotton (also GOTS certified).

With my designs I want to take organic shirts to another level.
Colorful and stylish designs give a feeling of more aliveness. They are suitable for everybody who wants to take care of our environment as well as of their own wellbeing.
Art to wear: Feel great, look good and choose from a big variety of awesome Yasha Art designs.
Each design is available in a limited edition of 4 items. If you like an item please let me know the size and the colour of the underlying shirt and I will make it for you.
You can also order a design on its own. In that case please contact me and we can talk about the details.

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Enjoy yourself with Yasha Art